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Is network boot possible on Raspberry Pi?

Yes it is possible, the offical Raspberry Pi site wrote about it. I don't want to write a new Tutorial about it because the already did a woderful job at it. Link to
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Choose from SD or USB boot every time I power on the Pi 5?

A bit of a kluge, but you could try changing boot order in rapsi-config to the second option, which is NVMe, then USB, then SD card. In the absence of one booting should try the next on the list.
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remote multiple raspberry pi using ssh without password

This question is not Raspberry-specific. Read up ssh key-based authentication as put e.g. here As soon you have the shared key created and copied it onto the target hosts (simplest method: use ssh-...
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reset OS on NOOBS multiboot

I suggest not to use NOOBs but instead use different SD cards where you plain install the different OS you want to use. Then you don't have to fiddle with the uggly NOOBS issues NOOBs users report all ...
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Install additional operating system with NOOBS

Don't waste your time, that's not what NOOBS has been designed for. NOOBS has been designed to make it easy to select and install operating systems for the Pi without having to worry about manually ...
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How can I triple boot operating systems?

You don't need 3 boots to do this. You can load Raspbian on sd card, then install RetroPie on it with autoboot and install Kodi in RetroPie (Section experimental packages). If you want use RetroPie ...
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NOOBS multiboot - resize partitions

A way to resize the different partitions on the NOOBS sd card is to use a different sd card and reformat it with the sizes you wish (with limits) and copy the different filesystems in the partitions ...
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