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Don't use NOOBS to install Raspberry Pi OS It's one more thing to worry about when you're troubleshooting an installation. Just use the Raspberry Pi Imager or something like Etcher. For Encrypting the OS the Offical Raspberry Pi forum has a post with instructions on how to do this. The OP used LUKS and created a script you could use.


I cannot comment because I don't have enough reputation. There are several things to point out that were left out. In my case, connecting to any monitor was fine, but the TV didn't have any signal. Ahmed Sayed's answer solved most of my problems, and help me understand the issue better. However, there are several things I want to point out to. Adding ...


The issue was most likely caused because the OP used NOOBS Lite. He probably downloaded it because of the much smaller filesize, and either didn't know the difference or forgot to mention it. NOOBS 2.4.4 came with Raspbian, and LibreELEC downloaded along with NOOBS, hence the larger filesize. Raspbian: Downloading and Extracting Filesystem 4MB of 4104MB ...

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