To compile Object-C: clang <the file name, i.e. bob.m> -o <the target name, i.e. bob> so clang bob.m -o bob Foundation is part of GNUStep which will have to be installed. sudo apt-get install gnustep You will then need to tell clang about it. clang `gnustep-config --objc-flags` bob.m -o bob `gnustep-config --base-libs`


Are you planning to create an app or use some messenger to talk to the device. Say for example you can use xmpp to pass messages to your device and give triggers. You can use light weight protocols like MQTT with Mosqitto broker to accomplish the process of talking to raspberry pi. However if you are are looking to create an app and then talk to your ...


You need to instal the objective c run time libraries as well as OpenStep/gnuStep if you want to import foundation.h. Objective-c does not come bundled with clang. Apparently you can get gnustep with apt-get: sudo apt-get install gnustep Once that is installed, you should be able to compile against foundation.h

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