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In general the reason electronic engineers prefer pull-ups to pull-downs is that in silicon N type (NPN bipolar or N-channel FET) transistors are better than P type transistors (PNP bipolar or P channel FET). This meant that when ICs were built out of 1 type of transistor they were built out of N transistors and as a result they were much better at pulling ...


On Samsung Series 6 TV, no matter what I did, the 60hz wasn't working. Other devices (Fire TV 4k, Nvidia shield TV) don't have this issue. So, I first plugged in Nvidia Shield TV and set the 4k resolution at 60Hz then unplugged it and plugged in Raspberry pi in off state and started it. Now it shows 4k 60p. Hope this helps.


As you well said, you can't output HDMI video into a laptop. I don't know of any devices as of now, however, I recommend using VNCServer and Viewer. It's almost as simple as using an HDMI. Just install VNC Server in your raspberry using these steps. Install VNC Viewer in your laptop and connect the raspberry with the laptop with an UTP cable (The one you ...


Question The OP has the following device. He would like to know how can Rpi interface this device. Question Analysis The OP is asking 4 little questions. All 4 questions are OK, except the third question repeated below that causes some confusion. How can I bring the input voltage down to a safe level that I can plug in to the GPIO output pins? The OP ...

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