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Its because you are calling GPIO.cleanup() in your while loop: while(1): forward(3) # reverse(3) GPIO.cleanup() Comment out the cleanup: while(1): forward(3) # reverse(3) #GPIO.cleanup()


What great timing! We are excited to announced our ALPR SDK on Raspberry Pi. Depending on the size of your project, you may be able to get away with our Free Trial. You can read more about our ALPR SDK for the Raspberry Pi) in our blog: And from there, you can get the Free Trial to start your ...


Question I have a python program running a loop of two functions "talking" to each other. Let us call the two functions Function 1 and Function 2, and they are doing similar things as briefly described below. Function 1 takes care of two Rpi GPIO pins, input pin GPIO In1 is connected (through a 4k7 resistor) to output pin GPIO pin Out2, which is ...

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