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There is another way to reset a password. If you have attached the SD Card from the RasPi to your computer you can also modify etc/passwd and etc/shadow on the root partition. This partition is formated with an ext4 filesystem so you have to use a computer that can read this. Any linux operating system can, MS Windows and MacOS can't. How exactly modifiy the ...


If you are using external battery power with the Raspberry Pi, they need to share a common ground, which means you need to plug in a second wire running from the l298 board to the external power source. Check out this: and see how the diagram shows the ground wire plugged into both the ...


As has been mentioned, RPi.GPIO does not generate a very stable signal and will result in very jittery servo control. I have had much better success with the pigpio library. This does require you to install a daemon on the Pi, but that comes with other benefits such as being able to run code that accesses the GPIO remotely.

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