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Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt --fix-broken install'

Speaking as a lifelong noob, one might try 'sudo apt install gnome-software' or 'sudo apt install synaptic',both of which will install 0ad hands-free. Synaptic will also fix broken packages, if that ...
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Why does wifi stops working randomly on a Raspberry Pi 4B rev1.4 while the wlan0 interface stays available?

I also use Bullseye and pi4 model B Rev 1.4 and I have also battled with a similar wifi problem, trying to bridge a 4g dongle to wifi hotspot. My solution was base on
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Arm frequency capped vs currently throttled

This is related to the question. please note: nvcgencmd measure_clock arm returns actual frequency. When I tested, I saw there is throttling. However, this command cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/...
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Document history?

If there's an underlying github page like there is in this case, that's the better choice (see @goldilocks' answer). However, if there's not, you can always use the Internet Archive "wayback ...
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Rotary Encoder HAT for RPi4

The direct alternative to Robogaia-PCB is this one. Its the same PCB. pricing is unknown yet. I also found a PCB based on the LS7366R, the MIKROE-1917. The same chip is used in Robogaia project. Its ...
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How to debug suspected Ethernet hardware fault?

I would start by running exactly the same software (latest official OS without any rpi-update or apt dist-upgrade). Check if the Ethernet still behaves correctly on the 4GB device and keeps ...
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Not able to boot Raspberry pi4 compute module via USB

I resolved this issue by building rpiboot from sources ( instead of using 'sudo install rpiboot'
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Document history?

On the corresponding github page, there is a "History" link on the right side near the top. If you click through, there are only four commits after May 2023, and the one before that is Feb ...
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Docker Image with audio acess not working, wrong output device

I am not sure if this will completely fix your issue but I found this post: It ...
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Why are my motors not working with my Raspberry Pi?

Try reading the gpiozero documentation. Putting a pause() at the end of your code will prevent the program from exiting until you close it. ...
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How an I improve sshd latency over WiFi?

I am not raspberry user, but i struggled with high ssh latency between two notebooks via wifi. I reduced from 500ms to 3ms via -> you should disable powermanagement on wifi nic on both sides. ...
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