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What are the differences between the models A and A+?

There are several notable differences between the RPi A, and A+. According to the official release, the differences are as follows: An expanded GPIO header. The A+ has 40 pins which considerably ...
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What are the differences between the models A and A+?

The raspberry pi A+ is smaller, so you can fit it in smaller spaces. It depends on what I was doing, but I would probably choose the A+, given it has more GPIO pins.
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Ethernet port on Zero and A+?

That's not an ethernet port, it's a JTAG port for debugging.
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Ethernet port on Zero and A+?

No it's not an ethernet port (and it doesn't look anything like one either). It's the videocore JTAG port, that connector is used on all Pi models since the B+ (the original raspberry pi model A and ...
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How to stream two live streams to internet on pi cams?

I had a positive experience with RPi camera (Noir or normal) together with one small USB camera. It was quite (resources) expensive, but RPi3 was ok with that. I have used https://github.com/...
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wake-from-halt on Raspberry Pi A+

I an not sure you can actually "halt" the Pi with current Raspbian (although you may be able to write assembler to do so); all the normal shutdown commands run the same code. The pin 5/6 does work (...
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Does the Beckhoff profibus coupler work with raspberry through serial?

I am not totally sure your setup is right. The wiring seem odd to me, I have never used a Beckhoff BK3150 with 24V supply through the DB9 profibus connector. Is it to power up the HMI adapter? If I ...
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Can Logitech MK220 wireless keyboard and mouse can be used on the Pi Model A+ as supplied?

I have the Logitech mk 550 keyboard and it works fine out of the box, although certain keys like media control didn't work for me.
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how to setup raspberry pi A+?

The Easy Way This way works with NOOBS or Raspbian Buy a $10 USB Keyboard (it's a great investment!) and plug it into your Pi Connect the Pi to a screen (computer monitor or television) Boot the Pi ...
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Raspberry Pi A+ is saying WiFi is connected when it isn't

Try putting this in your /etc/network/interfaces file: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface eth0 inet dhcp allow-hotplug wlan0 iface wlan0 inet dhcp wpa-ssid "Claro" wpa-psk "password12"
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