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Using DMA + PIO to write function sample points to a DAC chip periodically

After a lot of searching - and looking at existing PIO programs -, I've found the missing puzzle piece, it's a call to pio_sm_set_consecutive_pindirs. If anyone wants to look at the full fixed code, ...
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Rasssbery pi pico bricked

It may not be the answer you are looking for, but replacing the BOOTSEL button is the safest option (also why leave it broken anyway?). Then you press and hold the BOOTSEL button, plug the USB cable ...
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raspberry pi pico temperature reading and output to zabbix

The most straightforward way is for you to get a Pi Pico W with WiFi, so that you can connect via WiFi to any webservice. I made Arduino code for ESP32 to publish on Thingspeak (not Zabbix at this ...
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