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There are many things wrong with your Question, much detail missing. There are 2 fundamental issues:- 735ad48f-8226-cd40-8405-77d27761a4e7 is NOT a PARTUUID modules-load=dwc2,g_ether is incompatible with use of the USB for storage. Frankly trying to use a Pi Zero with an external drive is a waste of time. You would be better to get a real Pi. If you REALLY ...


Firstly you need to build the circuit described in the adafruit article that you linked. Here is mine, connected to GND, GPIO12 and GPIO13: Then in the /boot/config.txt file you need to add an overlay entry to remap the audio: dtoverlay=audremap,pins_12_13 Then in 'sudo raspi-...


Look into g_multi gadget, which supports multiple functions in one configuration: a CDC Ethernet (ECM) link a CDC ACM (serial port) link a USB Mass Storage device If you want to connect your Pi to Windows, read the docs describing how to get the right drivers installed for each function.

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