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Write to spi EEPROM in Raspberry Pi 4

Yes the EEPROM can be written to. You can install the rpi-eeprom package and check the rpi-eeprom-update script to see how it is done. Apparently, you'll have to get the EEPROM image file from /lib/...
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Can I be sure the EEPROM configuration is the latest version?

This is a bit complicated, so please bear with me: While "LATEST" (latest actually) now is a branch of the EEPROM firmware, it may not be in the sense that you mean. I'll explain that in ...
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Where is EEPROM in Pi4?

I searched Datasheets of Processor and RAM and other components of RPI4 but couldn't found where it was then I stumbled upon the mentioned above link in a comment that RPI 4 has an SPI-EEPROM so I ...
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Is debug logging (to file or UART) available for firmware (start4.elf) portion of boot? [Pi4]

In the config on the first partition of your SD card you can set two variables: enable_uart=1 uart_2ndstage=1 That should make start.elf print its own debug to the uart. For the kernel add console=...
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Raspberry Pi 4 Wifi disconnected after change screen resolution

It's weird. Sounds like HDMI signals conflicting with Wifi signals, however, change the cable to another one (better, if it has a shield it'd be better.) and add an external wifi dongle. If you ...
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RPi 4 not recognising M2 drive in argon case

Solved. It turns out the problem was — for once — insufficient force applied. I needed to shove the ssd into its slot so hard that it clicked, like a stick of ram. After that everything was fine.
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Windows 11 Pro not booting when installed onto a USB via WoR:

Booting Windows on Raspberry Pi is not fast enough compared to PCs, but some options can help you anyway: Use fast 100 MB/s U3 Class 10 SD card (like SiliconPower Superior Pro) Change the boot order ...
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When there are multiple boot devices, they are not booted in the order defined in BOOT_ORDER?

guys, thanks a lot for focusing on this question. I think I may find the reason why it doesn't work. In a short, my Raspberry OS maybe not correct. Reference to the link ubuntu-mage, title Additional ...
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PI4 - no boot from usb3 samsung t5

I solved (worked around) this problem by attaching the Samsung T5 drive to one of the USB2 ports. I'm assuming this is a kernel problem and will try the faster USB3 port again on later updates.
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Using of GPIO0 and GPIO1 on Raspberry Pi 4B

The quickest way to come up with a definitive answer is to try. The only problem I see is that GPIO 0 and 1 may be probed during boot to see if a HAT is present. Only you can know if that will upset ...
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