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I cannot see how it could work with the connections in your drawing. The main problem is that you have one broadcast domain (all interfaces on all devices are on the same subnet so you cannot route traffic on the RasPi. You can only route traffic on the router because it is the only one that is connected to two different subnets. On the ...


You could try a port translation in your router’s settings. Say port 22222 from any public IP mapped to port 22 on the Pi’s local IP. Pick any valid port number above 1024. 22222 is just too obvious as an example. You will have to add the chosen port to the ssh command: ssh -p 22222 .... (I didn’t check that syntax. Look it up.)


Some ISPs apply port limitations on private internet connections. This is to prevent novice users from possibly harmful network settings. You will have to ask your ISP about such limitations. If that is the case you will not get around getting an commercial internet contract where no such limitation exists. For instance in germany Vodafone does not even ...

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