The below-spec voltages aren't promising, but it's also possible your SD card has been "zapped". If you have another RPi, try booting it from this SD card. If not, flash a new SD card, and try booting your misbehaving 3B with it.


Yes - the "official" RPi power supply is capable of providing enough power. However, overclocking the RPi is not a reliable mode of operation for several reasons - all of which come back to the fact that several aspects of the RPi 4 design are marginal. If you want a second opinion, and some actual experiences, this article - from the "...


Low voltages are probably due to the fact that the LAN chip is getting hot. It draws so much current, that not enough is left for the rest of the system. There is a chance that removing the defective chip could get the rest of the system working. The best would be to desolder it, if you have the equipment. Cutting legs one by one with an exacto knife could ...

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