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Image Display System

It is likely that the process is trying to access the display/desktop before the display/desktop is available. That is, before boot up is complete. Consider using systemctl to start a wrapper process ...
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Need advice building python code to read Temperature/RH sensor on RPi

Try this and see how far you get and what needs to be focus on. #!/usr/bin/env python3 import smbus import time # I2C address of the sensor SENSOR_ADDRESS = 0x40 # Register addresses ...
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Can't use tkinter, and may have multiple versions of python at once?

Milliways was on the money! Used the RPi Reflasher and now everything is right as rain! It makes sense that the OS was outdated in 2024, but I was having these problems back in... end of 2021, January ...
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Troubleshooting Temp/RH Sensor with RPi

A short checklist to address your Remote I/O Error: Are you sure you've connected (wired) the sensor to your RPi properly? Have you enabled the I2C bus in sudo raspi-config? Have you enabled i2c1 ...
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AS5600 encoder is not reading on Raspberry Pi 4

Update your code to read from the correct angle registers. import smbus import time bus = smbus.SMBus(1) # Define I2C bus number and AS5600 device address AS5600_ADDRESS = 0x36 AS5600_REG_ANGLE_H = ...
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