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Configure Pi to boot up and run script when plugged in without login

The above example solution worked on my PI Zero after I added the exec python3 to the command string. @reboot (sleep 20; exec python3 /home/pi/;) >> /home/pi/logmyprogram.txt 2&...
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How to drive two stepper motors simultaneously

I encountered issues when adding a second motor. The GIL does not allow for both threads to run simultaneously. Mi solution was to add a centralized stepping class (Navigation) and have it ran by a ...
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RGB Led flickers when controlled by GPIO Raspberry

I had the same issue with flickering and this code solved the issue. Apparently if the code works as intented "enough", even there is no errors, there can be small delaying stuff that piles ...
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Hosting a lavalink server and connecting to it at the same time fails

After asking around, I have found the answer to my problem. I wasn't calling Lavalink from its directory (instead calling it from somewhere else), causing it to default to port 8080 (as seen in the ...
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server stuck at socket.accept()

Try: your_socket.settimeout(3) while True: try: client_socket, client_address = your_socket.accept() # ... your code except socket.timeout: pass In any condition, ...
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