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How to safely duplicate the setup of a raspberry pi zero w

All Pi have a serial number (programmed at manufacture) and MAC address/es are algorithmically derived from this (you have to search to discover the algorithm but the code is available - originally ...
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Raspberry Pi Bullseye Splash Video

This is the answer [Unit] Description=Splash screen Before=systemd-user-sessions.service [Service] ExecStart=/usr/bin/cvlc --play-then-stop /path/to/video.mp4 ExecStart=/usr/bin/sh /home/obd/ ...
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White Screen Problem from Waveshare 7 inch display model B + Raspberry Pi 3 B

I have a 3.5 inch HDMI LED Waveshare display on a raspberry pi zero w running Bullseye 32 bit mode working fine with the following in /boot/config.txt. I am not using the touch part, only using it as ...
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Reboot via `crontab` does not work on Raspberry Pi 4

I think you've got the syntax right on the first entry: sudo crontab -e → 0 0 * * WED,SUN reboot → ❌ no reboot I confirmed that with crontab guru, and in man 5 crontab. The thing you have missed is ...
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Reboot via `crontab` does not work on Raspberry Pi 4

The correct syntax would be: 0 0 * * 0,3 /sbin/reboot in the crontab for root. As for what you are doing: sudo crontab -e → 0 0 * * WED,SUN reboot → ❌ no reboot You're editing the crontab for root ...
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How to solve segmentation fault error on raspberry pi 4

Downgrading torch and torchvision worked for me. pip uninstall torch torchvision pip install torch==2.0.1 torchvision==0.15.2 torchaudio==2.0.2 You can read more about this issue at https://github....
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