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how many threads for Rasp Pi B+ when running a script?

You ask about "Rasp Pi B+" then "pi 3 B+". The PiB+ has a single core; Pi3B+ has 4 (as does the Pi4). Each core can only run a single thread at a time, although you can have as ...
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Share Internet connection from raspberry pi 0 w to computer via USB cable

Searching around here and elsewhere online I had a hard time finding a discussion of the Pi Zero ethernet gadget mode and port forwarding, which seems very strange -- although it could be that most ...
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Stop Raspberry Pi automatically assigning additional IP address

The Pi is NOT assigning anything (and neither is your DHCP server). These are Link-local addresses. If you "fix" your DHCP server (you have provided no detail) it may assign addresses. If ...
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