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How to play mp3 on background from command line

You should lead with the nohup command: nohup omxplayer -o local sample.mp3 & omxplayer (like many other commands) wants to write its "standard output" (stdout) to the terminal. When ...
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Raspbian started lagging, tried to reboot and now stuck on a black screen with a blinking cursor

A blinking cursor is a typical response when Linux cannot boot using the boot device it's configured for. In addition to your SD card, make sure you don't have a USB stick plugged in if your device is ...
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How to configure sudo to ask for user password?

Apparently you can just add . to the filename of /etc/sudoers.d/010_pi-nopasswd to disable the NOPASSWD rule. This is stated in the README in the same directory with recent versions of Pi OS. It seems ...
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Command apt-get upgrade crashes Raspbian

I had a similar issue on my Zero 2 W, and there were two things that solved it: Set the Pi to boot to command line (not GUI) using raspi-config. This stopped apt-get from completely locking up my Pi,...
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My wlan0 interface is not coming up

Weirdest thing ever (hope it helps someone): I was fiddling with undervolting a PiZero2W and surprisingly, adding these 2 under_voltage lines of code to /boot/firmware/config.txt made wlan0 disappear: ...
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My Raspi4 hdmi won’t sound

Or, in the case of Raspberry Pi 3+ running Raspbian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye), the options may be slightly different in Audio > System Options. 0 Headphones 1 MAI PCM i2-hifi-0 Select Option 1 and ...
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Problems with start service automatically on boot

Anyone knows why doesn't work? Many tutorials that teach how to create a service in rpi use Likely because is not the default target; if you ...
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btrfs root filesystem on raspbian

A lot has changed since the answer from @Piskvor-left-the-building. Let me list the changes: the config.txt and cmdline.txt files have been changed from /boot/ to /boot/firmware/ directory. BTRFS ...
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linphone in Raspberry Pi 3

git clone git:// --recursive This step didnt work as my Connection got refused
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