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Disable default bluetooth dialog box for accept pairing in raspberry pi3

In version 2.3.5 there is a checkbox to turn on/off the "connection notifier" in the plug-ins dialogue.
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How to change user pi sudo permissions; how to add other accounts with different permissions?

In my experience, you don’t need sudo permissions to reboot. You do, however, need to if there are multiple users logged into the system. Or you could, as mentioned above, just set the root password ...
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Arm frequency capped vs currently throttled

This is related to the question. please note: nvcgencmd measure_clock arm returns actual frequency. When I tested, I saw there is throttling. However, this command cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/...
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Does the Raspberry Pi support I2C multi-master configurations?

Raspberry Pi does NOT support I2C multi-master mode. This is half-true only. This is not about RPi who provides a support, it is about a CPU periferals. BCM2835 supports both master and slave i2c. ...
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Light monitoring and alerting for a few RPIs

I have created an open source solution - a very simple monitoring with a dashboard: It has some basic metrics included but it's easily ...
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How to edit config.txt

Debian gnu/Linux12 config.txt moved and is read only after updates. I checked UI assuming it's locked because I should use it and found a nicely named Raspberry PI Config app. Tab interfaces gives me ...
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