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Raspberry pi camera module 3 works only on libcamera

The old camera stack with Picamera will not be updated for the new v3 camera. You will have to swap to the Picamera2 modules.
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RaspiCam spot metering: where's the spot and how to move it?

With libcamera this is now possible. With the --metering flag a mode can be chosen (spot, average, matrix or custom), and in the tuning file you can configure the custom mode with weights for ...
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Picamera2 raw capture limited to 15 FPS

I added camera.set_controls({"FrameRate": 40}) between camera.configure(config) and camera.start() and it fixed the problem. Apparently the camera defaults to a lower framerate.
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Raspi camera module V3 with Octopi

Looks like it's not currently possible/supported. The new module 3 does not work with the legacy camera stack. See https://forums.raspberrypi.com/viewtopic.php?p=2070744 for more info.
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Motion terminating immediately

Found this: The systemd service file, with Type=simple, expects motion to run in non-daemon mode, and not fork. If daemon on is set in motion.conf, the service will fail to run.
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