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Yes, there is a Pi cam that can do both. It can be set on auto detect to record during the day and night. I found this one on Amazon.


Check vcgencmd get_camera result. It will return how many cameras are supported and detected. Normally you will get "supported=1 detected=1". If you get "detected=0" then camera is not detected : double check your connection, ribbon cable integrity and orientation, or consider that a picamera can fry from times to times. I never met "supported=0", but ...


over_voltage=4 force_turbo=1 /boot/config.txt solved the problem for me with a Pi Zero, good quality power supply and low quality 3rd party knock-off cheap camera. My guess is that 3rd party cheapo cameras draw more volts that the board expects, and that over volting the board compensates for this.

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