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Try edit /etc/rc.local described in IT May helps.


You have to ensure that the horizontal resolution is rounded up to the nearest multiple of 32 while the vertical resolution has to be a multiple of 16. This works for the Raspberry Pi HQ camera: camera = PiCamera() camera.resolution = (4032, 3040) # instead of (4056, 3040) camera.framerate = 24 camera.start_preview() img = np.empty( (camera.resolution[1] ...


Picamera does not seem to support TIFF. Here's a list of supported formats from the documentation: 'jpeg' - Write a JPEG file 'png' - Write a PNG file 'gif' - Write a GIF file 'bmp' - Write a Windows bitmap file 'yuv' - Write the raw image data to a file in YUV420 format 'rgb' - Write the raw image data to a file in 24-bit RGB format 'rgba' - Write the raw ...

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