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I just measured spectral response of a raspberry pi NoIR camera module using 2inch integrating sphere and monochromator. The first spectrum I did just using NoIR camera module, the second one with a blue filter which I got together with the camera. Also I did transmittance spectra of the filter for the reference. I would like to apologize for the low ...


raspi-config seems to support noninteractive mode: you can use nonint command to set the camera # raspi-config nonint do_camera %d # %d - Integer input - 0 is in general success / yes / selected, 1 is failed / no / not selected sudo raspi-config nonint do_camera 0 For more details please check the full list of options:


From raspicam , Release notes: Note: when using the full resolution video callbacks with the full resolution of the Raspberry Pi Camera v2, you will likely get an error such as mmal: mmal_vc_port_enable: failed to enable port ENOSPC. In order to fix this increase your GPU memory to at least 256MB.


From, 5.11. Raw Bayer data captures : Bayer data consists of 10-bit values, because this is the sensitivity of the OV5647 sensor used by the Pi’s camera. The 10-bit values are organized as 4 8-bit values, followed by the low-order 2-bits of the 4 values packed into a fifth byte. You can read this code for an example of raw ...

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