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Slow pigpio, much slower than RPi.GPIO

You are reinventing the wheel. If you did any research you would realise pigpio uses a socket interface which inevitably has a significant overhead BUT if you use it appropriately it is the most ...
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Raspberry Pi GPIO ports extension

One simple way to achieve that is by using a MCP23008 (8-bit) or an MCP23017 (16-bit) I2C GPIO expansion chips. The Raspberry Pi has one I2C bus and the CP23008/MCP23017’s have a 3-bit address select ...
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GPIO.event_detected not working though an edge is detected

This task might be simpler and more reliable if you use pigpio. import time import pigpio COUNT_GPIO=20 pi = pigpio.pi() if not pi.connected: exit() cb = pi.callback(COUNT_GPIO) while True: ...
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Problem with reading 433MHz RF receiver

Same here. Receiver works, tested with an LED and raw reading of the GPIO input, though rpi-rf script does not seem to proces it. Could it be that rpi-rf does not recognize the rf coding?
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