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I was in similar situation: my DAC HAT was operating on non-configurable GPIO PIN (PCM) and then I needed to install a fan that was coming with the script using the same pin. Fortunately, the fan script was open source and I was able to change the configuration in it to use another pin and then I reconnected the fan to the new pin. Sometimes you might not be ...


Given the level of detail in your question, the answer is "probably not". That would require one HAT have intimate knowledge of how the other HAT was using the pin, and that the developers were clever enough to avoid conflict.


In my case, I had to change the interface speed from the default 4 MHz to 65kHz and then it worked!


My rain bucket was getting false triggers. It has a relatively long duration trigger so I just checked to see if the pin really went low. def countRain(rainPin): global totalRain global currentRain if (GPIO.input(rainPin) == False) : totalRain += .012 currentRain += .012 GPIO.add_event_detect(rainPin, GPIO.FALLING, callback=...

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