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The callback will be triggered when the GPIO changes level. There is nothing you can do to prevent that happening apart from disabling the callback. Perhaps you need to look into why the GPIO level is changing and find a work around in your code.


It seems you are affected by, which has been fixed in 0.7.1a2, and is a GCC, not a Python issue. It can be circumvented by doing export CFLAGS=-fcommon first, before installing rpi.gpio. However, the latest stable release 0.7.0 does not fully support RPI4. So you might want to install version 0.7....


It is solved now. The issue was that the step-up converter was unable to provide enough current. So I used another device for powering it and it works. Peace!


It looks like the latest release does not support Python 3.9 but the alpha releases do: You can install the alpha version with: pip install rpi-gpio --pre

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