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Unable to configure pulseaudio/alsa to work with cvlc

Would it be possible to capture audio from the webcam and push it to the headphone jack so I can verify audio is being picked up? Yes. You can do that either by running raspi-config and selecting "...
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Taking an RTSP camera stream and transcoding it?

You can store streams on the raspberry pi drive by: ffmpeg -i "rtsp://yourRtspStreamSource" -hls_time 3 -hls_wrap 10 "yourOutputDir/streaming.m3u8" And then, re-stream streaming.m3u8 over HTTP: ...
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Setting up RTSP using v4l2

The correct commands to start an RTSP server on the Raspberry Pi are, for example: uv4l --driver raspicam --auto-video_nr --framerate 30 --extension-presence=0 cvlc v4l2c:///dev/video0:width=640:...
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Open RTSP stream from IP camera and save video files to NAS

Actually, there are application that do functionnalities you are looking for. Zoneminder for example can work on a rpi and you can manage, record, etc. from there If you want to do it manually, with ...
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Create a RTSP stream using motion and a USB webcam

You can setup OpenCV (C++ or Python depending on what language you prefer). OpenCV will be able to read right from the camera using capture module and there are functions you can write which will ...
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Using ffmpeg to capture whatever is being globally sent to video output (ie: hdmi output)

UV4L offers a driver named "raspidisp" that captures the screen and offers a /dev/video device for use with ffmpeg or avconv.
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Stream video from Pi to an OpenCV application on a local remote computer

You may want to use uv4l. uv4l easily implement camera control and webRTC streaming, in a very efficient way, and quite easily. So your RPi will stream the camera on the network, while the computer ...'s user avatar
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How Can I Stream Video from SD Card over Ethernet via RTSP?

Try using this command vlc "Humvee_Large.h264":sout=#rtp{sdp=rtsp://:8554/} :sout-keep If you can access GUI, try using VLC's GUI streaming setup.
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