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Connect Pi to an old laptop screen

Since I did this recently and took a couple of photos in the process, I figured I'd write a detailed guide. Things you can salvage Here are the things you might want to keep from your old laptop: ...
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Use cellphone screen as monitor USING CELL PHONE SCREENS WITH ANY HDMI INTERFACE Has a video specifically using a raspi and iphone 4 ...
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Installing Raspbian from NOOBS without display

For a headless setup, SSH can be enabled by placing a file named ssh, without any extension, onto the boot partition of the SD card. When the Pi boots, it looks for the ssh file. If it is found, SSH ...
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How can I blank the screen from the command line over SSH?

Method 1: Blank the screen without turning the power off to the HDMI port. You might need to set the screen's default state to blank (I didn't): xset -display :0 s blank Turn the monitor to it's ...
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PI 4 screen rotation from the terminal

I figured it out. Screen Configuration tool is just a GUI for XRandR. We can use, DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output $monitorName --rotate $orientation Where $monitorName is the display name from the output ...
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Installing Raspbian from NOOBS without display

The short answer is, make sure you download the offline install version of NOOBS, then edit the file recovery.cmdline and add silentinstall on the end of the first line. That will auto install ...
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How do I change screen resolution in Pixel?

You can change the display resolution graphically (without using Terminal) on Raspbian GNI/Linux 8 (jessie) using following window. Application Menu > Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration > ...
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Mysterious RPi wifi problem -- No wireless interfaces found

One of the things that I have read a hundred times in dealing with anything attached to the USB on any model of RPi is to make sure that you have a decent Power Supply (2 or more Amps) or use a ...
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Enable SSH in NOOBS before install

You just need to add a file named 'ssh' to the noobs partition (you can do it right when copying fresh noobs files to a clean sd card) and it will enable ssh for raspbian when you install it from this ...
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Raspberry Pi Crashes when I try to change screen resolution

I know this is an older question now, but I was having this exact same issue with my Raspberry Pi 3 B+. I found out that the issue for me was caused by having GL Driver set to "Full KMS". Once I set ...
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Exiting KODI makes TV turn off

Kodi implements Consumer Electronics Control (CEC), which sends control signals between the Pi and the TV. It's pretty handy on the whole, allowing you to shuttle around menus using your infrared TV ...
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Rpi3B/Rpi4B ILI9341 / XPT2046 SPI 2.8" Touch TFT LCD Connection / Driver Problem

Question ILI9341 SPI 2.8" Touch TFT LCD Arduino Shield Rpi3B+ OK? How to connect? Short Answer (S1) Yes, it is OK to use the ILI9341 Arduino Shield for Rpi. The following is the wiring ...
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Installing Raspbian from NOOBS without display

I found this guide to be the most useful. An important update in setup: ssh is disabled by default on the newest images. You have to create a new file ssh in /boot (can be empty). E.g. touch /...
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Connect Pi to an old laptop screen

If you want to do it cheaply, there is a VGA to LVDS board available on ebay for about £3.50. Used in conjunction with an HDMI to VGA connector (again about £2 on ebay) you could get your screen ...
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How do I change screen resolution in Pixel?

Edit the settings in /boot/config.txt. See for additional information.
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Using the DSI connector on RasPi Zero W

The Pi Zero W only has CSI for connecting to a camera module, but it hasn't a separate DSI for connecting a display. The DSI connector is only present on the A/Bs (and CM, if I'm not mistaken). The ...
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Raspberry PI 2 as screen mirroring adapter

You can install any VNC server app on your Android, such as VMLite VNC Server. On the RPi you can use a VNC viewer, such as SSVNC (sudo apt-get install ssvnc) or xtightvncviewer (sudo apt-get install ...
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Raspberry Pi Frozen

What worked for me was holding down Alt+PrtSc while pressing R, E, I, S, B. R = Switch keyboard from raw mode E = Send the SIGTERM signal to all processes except init I = Send the SIGKILL signal to ...
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Can I connect Raspberry Pi to laptop screen?

No, sadly, this is not easily achievable without extra hardware. What you can do is connect to the Pi via network and ssh either from your laptop or from your tablet, but that requires the Pi to be ...
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How to set the video resolution over composite?

I read at that Composite is fixed resolution (720x480@60i for NTSC, 720x576@50i for PAL). So you cannot change ...
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Raspberry Pi Monitor goes black periodically

id say that it may likely be due to power draw, your adapter(the hdmi to vga cable) you are using. If it isn't powered by itself it may be the cause of your problems, as the pi wasn't designed to ...
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SPI vs 8-bit TFT

I assume you are talking about connecting a display on the GPIO of the PI. GPIO bandwidth Here are some speed benchmarks for the GPIOS: github page, and one can toggle a GPIO on the PI 3 at 65.8Mhz. ...
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Custom screen resolution for Android on Raspberry Pi 3

I found a functional solution, albeit imperfect, for when I want to use vc4-kms-v3d mode, but also have a usable VNC resolution. You can of course change the resolution using xrandr, but you first ...
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How to increase voltage of USB ports on the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B?

Short answer: no way. Long answer: USB ports can only output 5 Volts. It's true that your screen came with (citing the product page you linked) 1 * USB to 3.5 DC Power Cable but that cable is ...
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Screen settings for Pi?

Your monitor might have a setting to do with that. My Benq monitor has a built-in "night" setting that provides you with a slightly orange light.
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Set custom screen blanking time

I'm playing in the same corner right now but I want to turn off the blank during the day and let it happend off working hour so I have the info on hand, here it is. To view current settings: $ xset q [...
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Not booting after enabling pixel doubling

If you remove --filter nearest from the end of the xrandr line in /usr/share/ it should resolve your issue (on my system it looks like xrandr --output HDMI-1 --scale 0.5x0.5, but yours may ...
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Installing Raspbian from NOOBS without display

The way I did this was as follows: Remove power cable from the Pi and then take out the SD card. Use a card reader (or built in one if your laptop has one) and the SD adapter to read the card on your ...
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