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How to create disk image using dd on macOS without including unallocated space?

With PiShrink You might want to look at — it won't run on bare metal mac, so you'll need some kind of emulation/virtualization environment (e.g. VirtualBox/UTM/multipass ...
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Fastest Way to Flash OS Image to Raspberry pi SD card

Below are the steps I used to flash an OS Image using Android App Convert 32 GB to 6.5 GB using pi-shrink. Compressed 6.5 GB to 2.1 GB by tar method. Splatted 2.1 GB to 200 MB (each of 10 parts) with ...
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How do I backup my Raspberry Pi?

The OP asks two questions. The "headline" question is, "How do I backup my Raspberry Pi?"; the second question is, "How can I backup the files I have created?". The ...
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