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Why do you think it has the software installed? Just because the firewall is configured to recognise it for port requirements it does not mean the software is present. A list is available at this page of pre-loaded software - about 1/3 down the page. I would start with running dietpi-launcher or dietpi-software to see what is installed. To find out what ...


This paper mentions there is no open and public board that supports PAC instructions. iPhone A12 is the only option that is proprietary. Therefore, the paper has simulated some instructions and tested on Raspberry Pi 4.


The number of server processes it is possible to have running in parallel is not a meaningful constraint, unless some of those processes require unusual amounts of memory even when doing nothing, which generally speaking server processes do not. The constraint is how much those servers can do in parallel; you could overwhelm the Pi with only one given ...


sudo raspi-config Option 3 "Boot Options" Option 1 "Desktop / CLI" Option 2 "Console Autologin" press right key to highlight and hit "OK" sudo reboot

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