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The Raspberry Pi does not have any analog input PINs. Thus you will not be able to interpret analog input signals without some additional hardware. In order to be able to read not only HIGH or LOW levels from your sensor, you need to use an analog-to-digital converter (ADC), e.g. in the form of a ADC-HAT extension for the Rasperry Pi. Then you can connect ...


If you are working with a sensor there are two major options: 1. You have to handle it through I2C 2. You have to read the analog or digital signal from that sensor(basically Vcc,Out,GND) What ever you do if you are going to use this on Raspberry GPIO then you must maintain a voltage of 3.3V on each pin. Otherwise the board will burn. Maybe this answer will ...


When you have solved the firedatabae you will meet another. The URL you refere to have a serious error. The "801s vibration sensor" have one digital output that is triggered depending on the level of vibrations. Not suitable for meassurements but well suited for infication/alarm. The outher output is a analoge level the indicate the level of vibrations, ...


This sensor works from 3.3V to 6V. If you are using it with raspberry pi then use the 3.3 V pin of raspberry pi.

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