This tag covers everything related to setting up the Raspberry Pi including flashing SD cards and changing the default user.

NOTE Do not use this tag for question regarding the installation of software. Instead, please use the tag.

Whenever you buy a new PC, there is a certain amount of setup that needs to be done - what needs to be done with the RPi? A few key questions are listed below in the 3 broad categories: efficiency, safety and security.


The official Debian image only sees 2GB by default and will not see extra space. Instead you need to do it manually.

In order to extend the life of your SD Card consider disabling the swap space.


A case protects the Raspberry Pi from spills or electrical damage.

Properly shutting down your Raspberry Pi can prevent the loss of data and ensure the functionality of your operating system.


The official operating systems have a default user and password; this should be changed to prevent a hacker from compromising your machine.

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