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Answers: Yes - Samba is a good choice for what you want to do. There are many good resources for setting up Samba, here's one I created The main alternative for Samba is NFS. Each has its pros and cons. I use Samba because I'm more familiar with it. You can research the tradeoffs by doing a search like this one. Caveats There's a fair amount of effort ...


I have found a solution. The setting of the my configuration davfs2.conf should be so: if_match_bug 1 use_locks 0 cache_size 1 table_size 4096 delay_upload 1 gui_optimize 1 Src: Kind regards Daniel


Another option for network file sharing is sshfs, which allows you to mount a remote directory locally over an encrypted connection. It is very easy to configure and enabled by default on Raspbian if the ssh server is. To check, look for this line somewhere in /etc/sshd_config (that's sshd_config, not ssh_config); it is usually near the bottom: ...

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