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The Answer by Bob Brown is correct but if all you want to do is remove password less sudo just delete the 010_pi-nopasswd file. This can be done on a Linux computer. You could also log in to a root shell on the Pi to delete the file. See


You didn't do anything wrong during setup. By default, user "pi" can issue sudo commands with no password; that's the way Raspbian is released. If you haven't done very much other customizing, just re-flash the microSD card and start over. If you really need to rescue the contents of the current card, flash a new card and boot the Pi from it. Put the ...


If sudo is not installed and you don't know the root password, the only way would be to attach your USB stick to another PC and clean it up. If sudo is installed, then it may be a path setting problem. The "sudo" binary should normally be in "/usr/bin". You can search for it: find / -name sudo 2>/dev/null (the "2>/dev/null" part is to get rid of all "...


PHP 5 is no longer supported. You could use PHP 7 instead: sudo apt install libapache2-mod-php7.3

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