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Cannot find filesystem

The raspberrypi/tools toolchain you seem to be using contains an ancient version of GCC (4.9.3). If you want to use the <filesystem> header, you need GCC 8 or later. You can use Crosstool-NG to ...
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Debian-based distro for Raspberry Pi Pico development

You are correct; "or equivalent" is a rather vague and meaningless term. I'll guess they are trying to avoid making a flat statement covering a multitude of different distributions. You ...
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Which toolchain for Raspberry Pi 3 and Qt5

I'm going through the same thing. You need to use the 4.9.2 compiler: Look under arm-bcm2708 for the arm-rpi-4.9.3-linux-gnueabihf folder. I still haven't been able to cross-compile QT for Pi3, but ...
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Install libraries from computer

It sounds like you just want a GUI front end to the package manager. Perhaps google for "apt-get GUI raspbian". That will give a hit such as this one suggesting synaptic. You can view the screen ...
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