The raspberrypi/tools toolchain you seem to be using contains an ancient version of GCC (4.9.3). If you want to use the <filesystem> header, you need GCC 8 or later. You can use Crosstool-NG to configure and build a newer toolchain. Alternatively, you can find the toolchains I'm using here: tttapa/tttapa/RPi-Cpp-Toolchain. The pre-built Docker ...


I'm going through the same thing. You need to use the 4.9.2 compiler: Look under arm-bcm2708 for the arm-rpi-4.9.3-linux-gnueabihf folder. I still haven't been able to cross-compile QT for Pi3, but I'm working on it. My adventure can be found here: http://forum.qt.io/topic/67942/failed-cross-compile-bad-architecture


It sounds like you just want a GUI front end to the package manager. Perhaps google for "apt-get GUI raspbian". That will give a hit such as this one suggesting synaptic. You can view the screen on another machine using something like VNC. See here for instructions.


I have two main options: Beware that since the Pi 2 is newer, most discussions of cross-compiling revolve around the A/B/+ (aka. "Pi 1") models. The difference is that the 2's BCM2836 processor is ARMv7 based, whereas the BCM2835 used on older models is ARMv6 based. Since ARMv7 is backward compatible with ARMv6, you can use binaries intended for the A/B/+ ...

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