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I'm playing in the same corner right now but I want to turn off the blank during the day and let it happend off working hour so I have the info on hand, here it is. To view current settings: $ xset q [...] Screen Saver: prefer blanking: yes allow exposures: yes timeout: 0 cycle: 600 [...] DPMS (Energy Star): Standby: 600 Suspend: 600 ...


I've found someone that was doing the same that I want to do. I'll try it to see if I can make that switch to work with my model.


There are many touschscreens for the Pi that use an I2C interface. Pimoroni's HyperPixel uses a FocalTech FT6236. Datasheet for the controller. AdaFruit's PiTFT 2.8" uses a FocalTech FT6206. Both of these are capactive multi-touch, and use drivers that are already in the Raspberry Pi OS. Check out the DTS file to see which driver is used, how it is ...

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