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3 votes

How to install Pipewire from backports to Bookworm - dependency hell

You should be able to build it from source easily enough -- in any case it is not a big deal to attempt. Using a Pi 5 running 64-bit bookworm, I downloaded the current git repo (nb. you can do the ...
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1 vote

Future of pigpio library - alive or dead?

As Milliways suggests the answer is probably no. The key features of pigpio are the efficient sampling of GPIO at high rates and the efficient generation of hardware timed PWM on all GPIO. I don't ...
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1 vote

What's the simplest way to get GCC 11, 12 or 13 onto the latest Raspberry OS?

Raspberry Pi OS is based on Debian which is a conservative OS i.e. it changes infrequently after EXTENSIVE testing (and as a consequence works). Raspberry Pi Ltd. does not do its own software (except ...
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