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This problem happened again when kernel 5.10.17 was released, and I made a 2nd plea for help at Kernel version does not update when using apt update, apt full-upgrade [again]. I managed to figure out what caused the issue and was able to upgrade from 5.4.83 to 5.10.17 successfully; same answer as that 2nd plea follows: I backtracked commands and programs (...


I backtracked commands and programs (deleting and unsetting settings) and trying apt full-upgrade each time until I hit what caused the raspberry-kernel to be removed from the upgrade list. Turns out it was the testing branch for wireguard in Rpi kernel 5.4.XX, it was added with the code: echo "deb testing main" ...


Rebooting should clear all file locks which are held by hung up processes. If somehow this doesn't help, run sudo lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock to see which process exactly is causing trouble.

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