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connect raspberry pi to fax machine

You could use a ATA box that convert the fax (Analog telephony) to SIP (aka VoIP, Voice Over IP). From there on, is another topic.
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USB sound card not working after reboot on RPi4

Turns out an audio jack has to be connected when the python script is running in order for the USB sound card to be working. Strange, but works for what I'm trying to do. When configured to use the ...
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pulseaudio: [alsa-sink-USB Audio] alsa-util.c: Got POLLNVAL from ALSA

If the USB connection is dropped across multiple sound cards, make sure the pi has a sufficient power supply. The lack of power could cause the USB sound card to shut down, and reboot due to not ...
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is it possible to connect a USB microphone to Pi Pico

So you would need to be a USB host and support UAC2. The driver that the raspberry pi pico has is tiny USB and that currently doesn't support UAC2 in host mode. You can be a device, so you could be ...
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Can motion and or motioneye be configured to record audio with video files?

Neither motion or motioneye support audio, so no they can't be configured to do that: https://github.com/ccrisan/motioneyeos/issues/2447 Maybe in the future?
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Real time sound level through usb audio card?

You may want to use pyaudio library. import pyaudio import audioop CHUNK = 1024 FORMAT = pyaudio.paInt16 CHANNELS = 2 RATE = 44100 RECORD_SECONDS = 60 p = pyaudio.PyAudio() stream = p.open(format=...
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Pi Zero system not seeing USB port

The test pads are wired as follows. Or in more detail from here: I'm not sure how directly the 5V from the Pi's power in links to the USB port though - ao the USB device may have power but one of ...
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Would the Adafruit USB Audio Adapter be sufficient for Pi 3 B+ audio?

Yes, that converter should be enough to give you good audio - at least it should make the audio sound like what it's supposed to sound like. Of course, you get what you pay for, and if you wanted ...
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Alsa passthrough Digital In to Analog Out

AFAIK, the LogiLink does not have any capability of internal routing, so in any case you'd have to go through the software layer of the Pi. I am not familiar with possibilities to directly route ALSA ...
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Raspberry pi 0W usb sound card + amplifier is too loud

The USB sound adapter that you refer to seems for headphones, not for input on amplifiers. Depending a bit on the output circuitry of that sound stick, you could provide a typical headphone load, or a ...
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volume control quirk for Tenx TP6911 Audio Headset

Not a real solution (to get hardware volume control working in the ALSA mixer for this device), only additional info: from mnoit on https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=50821#p410468 ...
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Rpi Webrtc echo cancellation - aec

There is an option that the AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) you are trying to use is not capable of handling the echo tail in your system. I suggest to start by measuring the echo tail in your system....
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Can I use the Raspberry Pi as a Soundcard

I don't have a solid answer for you, but since I know the pi zero has USB-OTG, I figured it might be able to do what you want. So I did some research on using the pi zero to emulate usb devices and ...
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