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How to program a RP2040 Chip (I don't have a Pico board, just the chip). I'm building my own PCB for my own needs

How to add a BOOTSEL button to my custom PCB? Extracted from the Appendix B of the pico datasheet The "boot" button essentially pulls the QSPI flash memory to ground when pressed. The ...
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Pi zero W - sound from wav files

if anyone else struggles with this I found this link and for some reason it works while all other coding doesn’t. Check this out if can’t play wav and mp3 files:
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How much power can be provided through USB?

As of 2024, this information is available in the Power Supply section of the official docs. Reproduced here for convenience: Product PSU minimum USB max out Raspberry Pi 1 Model A 700mA 500mA ...
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Pi 5 vs. Pi 4 and External HDD

You shouldn't be using fdisk to "see" your portable hard drives. fdisk is a tool for manipulating disk partition tables. Use lsblk --fs.
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