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How to clone a ssd which I am using to boot

A very robust and fast solution, IF you can remove the card from the Pi for a time, is to use HDDRawCopy1.10portable on a PC. It will copy from a USB-mounted SSD into a .imgc file (highly compressed) ...
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How an I improve sshd latency over WiFi?

I am not raspberry user, but i struggled with high ssh latency between two notebooks via wifi. I reduced from 500ms to 3ms via -> you should disable powermanagement on wifi nic on both sides. ...
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Pi Zero W Rev 1.1 HID keyboard with newer kernels /distributions not working

I have a RPi Zero W connected to a RPi Zero 2W in gadet mode for ethernet only through a powered usb hub. I never understood it as a keyboard. The cmdline.txt should also include modules-load=dwc2,...
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