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How to set VNC security settings using SSH? `No security types supported. Server sent security types, but we do not support any of them`

The following steps can be executed from an SSH session: 1. Edit the RealVNC server configuration file: sudo vi /root/.vnc/config.d/vncserver-x11 2. Insert, edit, or replace the following lines: ...
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VNC connection refused

Auth error: /: permissions are not restrictive enough Ensure that the / folder is owned by root and its permission mode is set to 755: chown root.root / chmod 755 / You may also need to check these ...
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Forcing resolution on display :0 when HDMI is not connected

I stumbled over similar issue when setting up RasPad. Trying to select a particular HDMI mode and to enforce hotplug or similar didn't help. In my case, the cause was obviously related to an ...
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