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That is a good question that I've wondered myself. I don't think there is a ready-made software solution that currently exists, unfortunately. A cool idea for a project would be to build a current measuring device into the USB cable so that you can actively view the reading via a LCD or OLED display. It would just be to extract the functionality of the ...


All the Pi's GPIO are digital, i.e. on or off. For the Pi to detect a voltage like 0.2 V the simplest solution would probably be to add an ADC (Analogue to Digital Converter). Search for a popular ADC such as the MCP3008 for examples.


You will need to use additional analog circuitry. A current is generally measured by running it through a shunt - a (low resistance) resistor of known value and applying Ohm's law to the detected voltage. Since you already say 0.2V, rather than some Amperage, I believe you have that part covered. The next part is to convert it to a digital value. This can ...

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