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Enabling VNC shouldn't touch your WiFi configuration. I suggest your WiFi interface disappeared for some other reason. Now that you have a fresh install, try going ahead with that. Aside: if your original install had a lot of customisation making it problematic to start again from a fresh install, consider using puppet to configure your system in a ...


This could be an issue with ARP not being able to resolve the MAC address of your Pi Zero W. Each host maintains an ARP cache mapping IP address to MAC address for connected LAN networks. When a host needs to connect to some LAN-connected address (say, it will first send an ARP who-has request (tcpdump output): # tcpdump -n -i wlan0 arp ... 18:...


AFAIK there is no GUI tool, but it can easily be done by editing a couple of files. See Use different wpa_supplicant files in How to set up networking/WiFi

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