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PI zero W - wlan0 connected but cannot ping router

I faced the same issue with my Pi Zero, it's well connected to Wifi as I can see its assigned IP in the DHCP list, but I can not access the Pi using SSH. It's solved simply by replacing its power ...
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Consumer eSIM solution Raspberry PI 4?

The Quectel EM120R-GL is not an eSIM module, it is a wireless modem module or WLAN module, broadband module, etc. While the EM120R-GL does support the use of an eSIM, it does not include one. An eSIM ...
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I Can't Connect To WiFi anymore

My Pi is running Raspbian GNU/Linux 9.3 (stretch) And my kernel version is 6.1.63-v7+ You have goofed rather badly if your system has stretch installed with a 6.1 kernel. Maybe the "instructions ...
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Ubuntu Server 20.04 on Raspberry Pi 4 error: "kernel: ieee80211 phy0: brcmf_cfg80211_get_station: GET STA INFO failed, -52" How to fix?

Also experiencing this on custom board with fmac43430. Doing "rmmod brcmfmac && modprobe brcmfmac" helps as a temporary workaround
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Headless Wi-Fi setup without the RPi Imager: bootfs/wpa_supplicant.conf not supported since Bookworm

With Raspberry Pi OS bookworm you can configure WiFi via a custom.toml that you place in the bootfs partition (first boot only). Note that this feature is experimental and will be replaced by cloud-...
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What is the power consumption of Pico W and competitors for wireless IoT devices?

the Arduino Uno(no wifi, but more data might be usefull) uses 0.2W(200mw) measured from the wall while using a phone charger to provide power. pi pico 171mw with wifi and led, peak at startup of ...
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Raspberry Pi 3B WLAN Interface not found

I have two same "Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2" bought in a one batch and switching the SD card. On one the wlan0 is there, on the second, there is none. There is a HW glitch inside ...
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Raspberry Pi connect via WiFi, but not Ethernet

If you have your Pi connected to a Gigabit capable router with a suitable cable (8 wire CAT5/CAT6) then the Ethernet should be automatically connected. I initially setup Raspberry Pi OS on my Pi4 with ...
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