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Of course there are better solutions for troubleshooting instead of following four (outdated?) tutorials. One of it is to use a Linux box instead of a MS Windows computer. You can just boot a live CD of one of the popular Distributions like Debian, Ubuntu or what you like. I would prefer Debian because the Raspberry Pi OS is a flavor of Debian. Now you can ...


You can put a wpa_supplicant.conf in the boot partition, and it will overwrite any existing. You can configure wpa_supplicant.conf for multiple networks. See How to set up networking/WiFi There is NO WAY to change interfaces, but then there is NO REASON to ever modify it. Just delete it - effectively on Stretch and Buster it does NOTHING. NOTE that tutorial ...


The tutorial states you cannot use the USB ports and wifi on the pi 4. If you want to use windows on it you would have to buy a type C to type A converter that would look like this: You could then use a USB hub to connect multiple USB devices. You would then have to supply power through the GPIO Pins. Here's what the person in the tutorial did:

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