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I've tested this today with the current image (image dated 2019-04-08), and it does indeed still work. The file should be named either "ssh" or "ssh.txt", and put in the (first) partition which shows up as named "boot" - but not in a subfolder within this. If you see kernel7.img and cmdline.txt you're in the right place - it goes along-side those, and ...


You need to read this thread: Raspberry pi cluster to run Win.10 The first answer states: You can run Windows 10 on ARM but that sentence needs to be qualified with a big JUST. See ... erry-pi-3/ for some details. Legality is in the air at the mo. Windows Insider membership is a requirement (available free ...


It may be possible in concept. You need a hypervisor that runs on top of an arm cluster. On top of the hypervisor you can have one or more guest operating systems.


Sure, that will work, and there are lots of other options too. The best depends on your particular needs. The three most suitable protocols to choose from are: SSH - great for interactive work where you type commands and look at the output. Overkill for a file transfer script but it includes a simpler protocol called SFTP which is more suitable. Very well ...

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