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By looking at the serial protocol of the NeoPixels you should notice that each LED receives 3 bytes (24 bits) in order to set its color. This is the data that has to be sent out via GPIO in order to light the LEDs. Depending on your programming language and coding habbits you can calculate the required RAM. In plain old C that would be #NeoPixels * 3 bytes. ...


If anyone is running into the same problem and is reading this post: I ended up fixing it and it's working just fine now. All I had to do was change the brightness down on the LEDs. I did some math (which, to be fair, I really should have done from the start) and apparently the strip was drawing more power than I estimated in the beginning. Bringing the ...


Now I've connected both the strips in series. This code worked for me: import board import neopixel pixels = neopixel.NeoPixel(board.D18,120) for i in range(0,119): if i<=59: pixels[i] = (0,255,0) else: pixels[i] = (255,0,0)

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