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There is this: I tried doing screen mirroring from mac and iPhone, and played some videos from image gallery. Don't know how suitable for streaming video apps (nflx, hbo did not work for me).


Packages like Volumio with give you the ability to stream music over Airplay (inc Airplay 2) but the TV side is not supported by anything outside of the Apple boxes. LibreELEC (and Kodi) is now supported on a Pi 4 V9.2 here OSMC only goes to Pi 3B+ Downloads here - I think they are pushing you to the Vero 4K+ boxes rather than a Pi solution. OpenELEC is ...


Add -o big_writes to your mount commmand or big_writes to /etc/fstab So the mount command above would become: mount -i -t ntfs -o big_writes /path/to/partition /mount/point

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