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David Dias
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I'm a full stack developer passionate to figure out which better way to build website and applications for humans.

Trying to offer the best technical and UI/UX approach is what I'm doing everyday. Leading front-end teams on international projects requires from me a very strong knowledge of the actual web and technologies (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3). I'm interacting with designers, projects managers, team leaders, to share front-end best practices focus on user experience, and with the client, to offer the best technical and interface approach that will push his website at the top.

In a responsive web design world, where performance and usability are big parts of the user experience, I use all existing tools to offer clean, modular (SMACSS, OOCSS, BEM), extensible and maintainable code.

SASS, Jade, Grunt are few of my companions, and actual javascript frameworks (ExpressJS, Backbone, AngularJS, Ionic) help me to build strong full stack projects. In the path of cross-browser compatibility issues, where creativity and technology can be shared more than the last caracter in their word, it's my responsibility to find solutions in complexe architectures, test them (Jasmine, Mocha) and scale them easily.

It's in the other side of the Atlantic (North America) that I'm looking for new challenges. Hoping to find a way to produce more, better, bigger and faster !

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