Rajesh S

  • 5.8 Years of IT Experience with Product Based Companies such as American Megatrend(AMI), EmbedUR Systems and NOKIA(Alcatel-lucent), in Embedded C, Telecom Domain, Data Structure, Multithreading, TCP/IP, Socket Programming, Kernel, Device driver, GRE/VALN Tunneling, TR069, DHCP, Networking, Linux, IOT, Docker, AWS/EC2 Cloud Web services and Zigbee, Silicon SDK, Broadcom and Broad light SDK.
  • Good working experience on BMC, IPMI, CIM/CIMOM, WSMAN, SMASH and AMI SPX
  • Good experience in NEC, ASPEED, AST2300, AST2400, HORNET (Pilot II and Pilot III), HERMON and Fujitsu BMC boards
  • Good working knowledge on Embedded Linux Boards, Firmware Development and RTOS
  • Good working experience on Virtualizations techniques - GRE Tunneling, VLAN Tunneling, Open Flow, Netconfd, Dockers and Containers
  • Good working experience on Networking, GPON, ONT (Optical Network Terminal), Modems(CPE)
  • Good working knowledge on Linux kernel and device driver modules
  • Good hands on experience on WAN management protocols like NETCONF, TR-069, WSMAN and SNMP
  • Specialist in L2 and L3 layer and Net-Filtering Packet Flow
  • Good hands on experience in ebtables and iptables - INPUT, FORWARD, OUTPUT, NAT and MANGLE chain
  • Specialist in Access Control List (ACL)
  • Good hands on experience in boot loader flashing
  • Good Working experience on Hardware Runner Level port forwarding and dropping the packets
  • Specialist in TR069 application layer protocol with TR-098, TR-181 and TR-143 data model definitions
  • Specialist in LAN, WAN, WLAN TR069 Data modeling and End-to-End system knowledge
  • Good working experience on 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wifi domains.
  • Expert in US and DS Bandwidth profiling system (Classifier, Policy and Classifications)
  • Good hands on experience in HAL and SAL layers.
  • Expert in Broad-light and Broadcom ONT hardware layers APIs and commands.
  • Good basic knowledge on IoT ZigBee, ZWave and Wifi protocols
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  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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