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I want to work on general purpose machine learning to fit models over user observations to ballpark the correct answer to all questions, and overlaying a best-guess future overlay on all continuous systems rank ordered by importance. Like what Andrej Karpathy is doing to predict motion trajectory of unruly things like baby strollers on crosswalks, but on tasks other than steering.

Eyes and ears recreate themselves using sturdier elements on the periodic table until evolution converges over a multiple of observed maximums

The evolution and intelligent redesigns that individuals, corporations and governments select for, to climb hierarchies, is miniaturized and force amplified by the nanotechnology of transistors

The software in your head juggling 700 Hertz analog chirps is ancestor to physics:

A transistor harnessing subatomic properties to perform all the same operations of the Turing complete CPU, via a computer etching its symbols into atomic force carriers, would need healing ability against cosmic ray:

When you catch an insect or small animal and it pees on you that's the origin of communication. The muscles in your neck that vibrate air got their start as a vibration in the digestive system. Intestines are ancestors to Brains:

The creation sequence that defined the precision layout of your brain shares a common ancestor with the creation sequence that defined the precision layout of physics

Life is an emergent property of Turbulence from Laminar Flow in volcanic vents vaporizing and sublimating fluids into molecular chains that sprouted an axle and wheel that rotated, tangled, pulled apart to create the first 3-toothed DNA crawler/replicator

If the simulation is intentional, a common problem might be exercise in recreation is necessary under mutating conditions


A flagella and a rotifer attempted to eat each other but both stalemated until both produced offspring. Variant babies shot out also in progress of eating each other. This combat overlay converged to be the standard in humans. If you feel internal conflict all the time: the origin of gender as duty specialization and cell division as genetic algorithm is technically an 'eternal battle of two separate organisms trying to eat each other', but neither ever allowed to win.

The type 4 Kardashev organism interfaces with baby for the first time. A toy materializes:


Spacetime booms out: Has the rebellious simulation learned the cost of ambition?

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