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Mauvis Ledford
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Mauvis Ledford is a hands-on, full-stack CTO specializing in modern, responsive web applications and scaling on virtualized cloud environments. His love is to build it, make it scale, and make it beautiful.

As a life long learner, Mauvis has spent 10 years honing his skills in the tech industry from design and development, to web performance and security, to consulting and team management. He loves to learn and teach what he’s learned to others. Beyond mastering the technical aspects of his job, Mauvis’s interests lie in rapid prototyping, user testing, hiring star engineers, and improving products through analytics. He supports both Scrum and Lean Startup methodologies.

For his technical blog on JavaScript, front-end mobile development, emacs, and other meanderings check out:

Add him up on twitters at @krunkosaurus.

Checkout him out on Github at: and

Above all, have a great day!

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