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I help micro, small and medium enterprises grow through C# .net and machine learning-based solutions.

I'm a passionate entrepreneur who mainly works with the .net Framework. With almost fifteen years of experience in carrying out countless successful projects, he still pursues his dream of being able to help other companies reach their own. He has been a trainer, Junior developer, Senior developer, systems analyst, project leader, teacher, development team supervisor and is even currently head manager of his own company.

In its search to be able to always provide a better service and final product, I've been involved in different types of software development projects: ERP systems with forecasts of budgets, sales and purchases; Inventory Control, human resources, customs management, Web services, mercantile registry and many others.

Before venturing into Machine Learning, I had already created an analysis engine for optimizing routes for vendors and carriers of products based on Google Maps. With this as a basis, has devoted part of its training in recent years in the analysis of large volumes of data and the use of them to shed a more accurate vision to the interests of management.

We cannot ignore the almost ten years of experience as a teacher/trainer and speaker of different technology topics. Whether it's mobile development with Xamarin, Machine Learning, desktop or Web applications, Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration and maintenance or the use of good patterns, frameworks and software development doctrines (SOLID, SCRUM, Version control, JavaScript frameworks and other tools) I've not only provided courses/workshops/diplomas based on these topics, but applies them constantly and daily in their different projects.

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