I am with C++ and the Qt toolkit -> that means tackling JavaScript/QML at the moment for nice GUI's <- and accepted the challenge about a year ago to become the most excellent programmer I could become :)

I am still looking for a sparing partner in learning and deepening advanced topics about Qt and C++ for making this sooner or later my occasion . In either being employed, creating and marketing my own apps/programs - the idea/project list is already very long - or joining a non profit open source project - preferably with the KDE-framework for Linux - or a mix of all of that.

There are not that much topics I know nothing about, f.e. yesterday I bought some rusty lifting plates for my sports/bodybuilding/lifting and today I built an electrolyte+soda bath for refurbishing and de-rusting it over night (Or maybe I am death tomorrow by mistaking sodium with salt - who knows ;) )

Tomorrow (if I am still alive) that might be building a 100 bucks ultra silent 2k LED projector from scratch with the 2k display that arrived today from ali and the day after it might be starting to write and market a book about time/willpower management with a GUI-app for linux/android I started a few weeks ago (Just need to pick up that qml/javascript stuff to not being restricted to just c++ functionality)

I don't know what (and when and how many ;) ) the future will bring so it leaves me really enjoying my life and the people free cities as long as it lasts. Cheers!

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