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Since emigrating to Australia from the UK last October I have been working down the line with the UK while building a base from which I gained first, a two month role with and second a further contract with

Over fourteen years of working with in Nottingham (UK)I made websites for universities, local authorities, architects, small and medium sized businesses and larger ones, for example; Trip Advisor and the NHS. I fill in the gaps between contracts with further work for Volute. I have just completed three site upgrades to new responsive designs.

For the last few years in the UK I have also been teaching computer science at UFP and MFP level, part time, at colleges in Nottingham and London. Most recently I lectured at London’s Birkbeck college. Prior to that I worked for over five years in Cambridge for ANT limited as a QA engineer with set top boxes for Pace and Humax,

From time to time, students allowing, I update my IOS applications for the Apple iPad and contract as a web developer on SQL driven Joomla CMS remotely for US and UK based clients.

I have three IOS iPad Apps to my name ( ) . My full CV is complex and detailed but even then can not cover all I can and have done. I will be happy to talk anyone through this - at what ever width or depth you like.

Before all that I worked for over a decade in live broadcast television in London and Nottingham, often on news stories. I am an expert on the subject of Doctor Who, which I used to make, and attending BBC Proms concerts.

Have a look at my navigation concept for mobile devices - at and the demo 'card' I made at to get an idea of the way I think when given the chance. shows what I have done for a client with enough time to let me use my imagination.


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